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Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service down the fourth day

I am a happy and loyal user of Well, I was at least. When hovering over the Dropbox icon, I only see “Dropbox 0.7.110 Connecting…..” lately. Weird, I thought. Well, no problem, fire up Firefox and check out Dropbox’s web page to see what is going on. Good try, but also a complete waste [...]

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Cloud computing – a disruptive new business model

As organizations increase their offerings of digital services, the demand for computing and storage capability increases. Also the need for faster, more complex data processing is becoming widespread. Additional demand for computing capability can only be met by increasing the processing capacity of servers within data centers. Along with greater computing capability, businesses have increased [...]

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Microsoft White Paper – Economic Benefits of Cloud Computing

Microsoft has recently, in November 2010,  published a white paper with the title “The Economics of the Cloud”. In this white paper the authors mention the following potential cost savings for organisations: Cloud also allows core IT infrastructure to be brought into large data centers that take advantage of significant economies of scale in three [...]

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Xen and VirtualBox: Oil and Water

Today I needed to start a couple of long-lived jobs running in VirtualBox instances. The images are 64bit, and the only spare host we have around is Xen with a Debian Squeeze dom0. OK I thought, let’s give VirtualBox on Xen a go. I downloaded the Debian 4.0.4 package from the VirtualBox site and attempted [...]

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EC2 Deployment and Lifecycle API

I’ve just finished my first working draft of a python API to describe and execute an EC2 deployment with a controlled lifecycle. This is part of the larger Desktop-to-Cloud (D2C) project, aimed at assisting researchers with deploying scientific, job-based applications to the cloud.

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