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The Economics of Cloud Computing Examined

The cloud computing economic model is expected to bring significant rewards – apparently. Those rewards may be possible but the quality of analysis to demonstrate that the cloud paradigm will yield an ever-growing margin is far from assured. The assumptions underlying the economics of the cloud are tenuous and therefore the promotions and promises should [...]

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Cloud economics penalizes large workloads

Cloud computing is heavily promoted as the low-cost alternative to in-house data centers. Yet this is not true for any context and any application. A recent paper with the title “To Move or Not to Move: The Economics of Cloud Computing” by  Byung Chul Tak, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, and Anand Sivasubramainam  states that especially applications with [...]

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Python library for calculating cloud costs

Within SITIO project we developed several tools for calculating and predicting costs of running IT systems on various clouds. Recently we open-sourced one of such tools – python library ‘cloud-calculator’. Source is here: Using easy_tools it can be installed as easy as “easy_install cloud-calculator”. In this blob post we show sample usage of this [...]

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