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Amazon and Microsoft in Dublin down, resiliency of cloud computing

A lightning strike in Dublin, Ireland, has caused downtime for many sites using Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform, as well as users of Microsoft’s BPOS. Amazon said that lightning struck a transformer near its data center, causing an explosion and fire that knocked out utility service and left it unable to start its generators, resulting [...]

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The Economics of Cloud Computing Examined

The cloud computing economic model is expected to bring significant rewards – apparently. Those rewards may be possible but the quality of analysis to demonstrate that the cloud paradigm will yield an ever-growing margin is far from assured. The assumptions underlying the economics of the cloud are tenuous and therefore the promotions and promises should [...]

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Python library for calculating cloud costs

Within SITIO project we developed several tools for calculating and predicting costs of running IT systems on various clouds. Recently we open-sourced one of such tools – python library ‘cloud-calculator’. Source is here: Using easy_tools it can be installed as easy as “easy_install cloud-calculator”. In this blob post we show sample usage of this [...]

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Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service down the fourth day

I am a happy and loyal user of Well, I was at least. When hovering over the Dropbox icon, I only see “Dropbox 0.7.110 Connecting…..” lately. Weird, I thought. Well, no problem, fire up Firefox and check out Dropbox’s web page to see what is going on. Good try, but also a complete waste [...]

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Microsoft White Paper – Economic Benefits of Cloud Computing

Microsoft has recently, in November 2010,  published a white paper with the title “The Economics of the Cloud”. In this white paper the authors mention the following potential cost savings for organisations: Cloud also allows core IT infrastructure to be brought into large data centers that take advantage of significant economies of scale in three [...]

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Cloud Computing – Amazon, Google & Co against HP, IBM & Co

A recent article in the Bloomberg Businessweek titled “ The Cloud: Battle of the Tech Titans” stated that cloud computing will profoundly change the competitive environment around how people and companies purchase computer technology. The new paradigm will be hardware makers like HP, IBM  and Cisco against service companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.  According [...]

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Purchasing Amazon EC2, an easy task?

  We have recently taken a look at how easy it would be to shop at Amazon cloud computing offerings.  Let’s assume the following scenario. We are running an e-commerce site with all the IT in house. Now we are considering to migrate to the cloud and Amazon seems to be an interesting partner. We [...]

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