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5 Ways Your Users Can Benefit from Cloud Anti-Spam

While many email admins prefer to keep their messaging hygiene in their own datacenters, others who are looking to save money and reduce the amount of hardware in their datacenters should consider cloud anti-spam solutions. There are some great features in cloud anti-spam that can help admins and their systems, and, let’s not forget, our [...]

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Cloud economics penalizes large workloads

Cloud computing is heavily promoted as the low-cost alternative to in-house data centers. Yet this is not true for any context and any application. A recent paper with the title “To Move or Not to Move: The Economics of Cloud Computing” by  Byung Chul Tak, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, and Anand Sivasubramainam  states that especially applications with [...]

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Microsoft White Paper – Economic Benefits of Cloud Computing

Microsoft has recently, in November 2010,  published a white paper with the title “The Economics of the Cloud”. In this white paper the authors mention the following potential cost savings for organisations: Cloud also allows core IT infrastructure to be brought into large data centers that take advantage of significant economies of scale in three [...]

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Risks and rewards of moving applications to the cloud

We have recently come across an interesting discussion group called “”. It has published two white papers titled “Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper” and “Moving to the Cloud – Risks and rewards of moving applications to the cloud“. Both papers are very interesting and informative. Especially the second one suggests the following very straight [...]

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Profit-Aware Server Allocation for Green Internet Services

In recent years large investments have been made to build data centers, or server farms, purpose-built facilities providing storage and computing services within and across organizational boundaries. A typical server farm may contain thousands of servers, which require large amounts of power to operate and to keep cool, not to mention the hidden costs associated [...]

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Maximizing Cloud Providers Revenues via Energy Aware Allocation Policies

Cloud providers, like Amazon, offer their data centers’ computational and storage capacities for lease to paying customers. High electricity consumption, associated with running a data center, not only reflects on its carbon footprint, but also increases the costs of running the data center itself. In “Maximizing Cloud Providers Revenues via Energy Aware Allocation Policies” we address [...]

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A framework for estimating the value of cloud computing

  The second review in our series on cloud computing economics  is on the paper “Do Clouds Compute? A Framework for Estimating the Value of Cloud Computing” by M. Klems et al.  The authors are presenting a framework for comparing the two cases:  Purchase a service from the cloud or buy hardware and set up [...]

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Leveraging the cloud for Green IT

The third paper we want to look at, A. Spellmann et al., “Leveraging the Cloud for Green IT: Predicting the Energy, Cost and Performance of Cloud Computing” (1),  deals with the green aspects of cloud computing. This might not look like a paper contributing very much to cloud computing economics at first fight. This paper [...]

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To cloud or not to cloud as a function of data center utilization

The economics of cloud computing is a topic that is far less trivial than it looks at first sight. Despite cloud computing being one of the big buzzwords in IT these days, literature on cloud computing economics is very rare. We have screened a significant part of the research on cloud computing and selected  three [...]

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