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5 Ways Your Users Can Benefit from Cloud Anti-Spam

While many email admins prefer to keep their messaging hygiene in their own datacenters, others who are looking to save money and reduce the amount of hardware in their datacenters should consider cloud anti-spam solutions. There are some great features in cloud anti-spam that can help admins and their systems, and, let’s not forget, our [...]

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Amazon and Microsoft in Dublin down, resiliency of cloud computing

A lightning strike in Dublin, Ireland, has caused downtime for many sites using Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform, as well as users of Microsoft’s BPOS. Amazon said that lightning struck a transformer near its data center, causing an explosion and fire that knocked out utility service and left it unable to start its generators, resulting [...]

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On delivering highly available services using spot instances

In the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing market, spot instances refer to virtual servers that are rented via an auction. Spot instances allow IaaS providers to sell spare capacity while enabling IaaS users to acquire virtual servers at a lower price than the regular market price (also called “on demand” price). Users bid for spot instances at [...]

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Python library for calculating cloud costs

Within SITIO project we developed several tools for calculating and predicting costs of running IT systems on various clouds. Recently we open-sourced one of such tools – python library ‘cloud-calculator’. Source is here: Using easy_tools it can be installed as easy as “easy_install cloud-calculator”. In this blob post we show sample usage of this [...]

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Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service down the fourth day

I am a happy and loyal user of Well, I was at least. When hovering over the Dropbox icon, I only see “Dropbox 0.7.110 Connecting…..” lately. Weird, I thought. Well, no problem, fire up Firefox and check out Dropbox’s web page to see what is going on. Good try, but also a complete waste [...]

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