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Selling cloud computing – a no brainer?

What makes it difficult to sell cloud computing services, and how could the issues be resolved

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How cloudy are you?

What is the difference between cloud computing, data centers and in house IT infrastructures.

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Leveraging the cloud for Green IT

The third paper we want to look at, A. Spellmann et al., “Leveraging the Cloud for Green IT: Predicting the Energy, Cost and Performance of Cloud Computing” (1),  deals with the green aspects of cloud computing. This might not look like a paper contributing very much to cloud computing economics at first fight. This paper [...]

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First Blog on cloud computing economics

This blog is part of the SITiO European project on cloud computing carried out from September 2009 till September 2011. In this blog we will post our research regarding the economics of cloud computing. We will develop a framework to support decision makers when decision whether to move to the cloud or not. To achieve [...]

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