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Green cloud computing, which way to go?

What is the right cloud architecture to create a green and sustainable cloud? Should we consolidate to huge mega data centers or is there another way to go? The analogy Currently data centers are constructed on the intersection of the electrical energy infrastructure and the network (data) infrastructure. Considering the current electrical energy infrastructure, for [...]

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How are cloud computing companies going to effect the online storage service industry?

Recently Eric Greenwood from OnlineStorage.org asked, me “..Do you have any opinions on how cloud computing companies are going to effect the online storage service industry? A view from an economic mind like yours would be very interesting!” Aren´t online storage service providers themselves also cloud computing companies? I am a heavy (not yet paying) user of [...]

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Is Amazon the cheapest cloud computing provider?

When people think of cloud computing, they almost automatically think of Amazon EC2. Amazon has become the cloud computing company and is commonly perceived as the cheapest, if not the only, IaaS provider. But is this really so? Let’s play Myth Busters as on the Discovery Channel. Cloud Computing Myth Busters! We will compare all [...]

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Comparing costs of cloud computing providers

When considering ROI maximization of cloud computing solutions it is crucial to minimize costs of cloud hosting, especially that differences can be very big. Anyone who has tried to compare prices of IaaS providers knows that it is a very tedious task if done manually, since there are different pricing models used, there are subscription [...]

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The Economics of Cloud Computing Examined

The cloud computing economic model is expected to bring significant rewards – apparently. Those rewards may be possible but the quality of analysis to demonstrate that the cloud paradigm will yield an ever-growing margin is far from assured. The assumptions underlying the economics of the cloud are tenuous and therefore the promotions and promises should [...]

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Cloud computing – a disruptive new business model

As organizations increase their offerings of digital services, the demand for computing and storage capability increases. Also the need for faster, more complex data processing is becoming widespread. Additional demand for computing capability can only be met by increasing the processing capacity of servers within data centers. Along with greater computing capability, businesses have increased [...]

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To cloud or not to cloud – as a function of WAN costs

Amid the hype around cloud computing and the millions of dollars pumped into marketing those utility computing services, not every business operation will benefit by moving to the cloud. So as the dust of the hype clears, we are left with the question of whether to cloud or not to cloud. This is a question [...]

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Comparing Cloud Computing Prices

During our research we have recently come across an interesting blog with the title “The Case for a Cloud Computing Price War”, where the author  Daniel Berninger argues that Amazon has kept prices for its EC2 offering stable over years, without handing over price performance improvements to its customers. The article further on argues that [...]

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Costs for running scientific applications on EC2 significantly higher in comparison to in-house infrastructure

We have recently written a scientific article on “Towards a Model for Cloud Computing Cost Estimation with Reserved Instances”.  Cloud computing has been touted as a lower-cost alternative to in-house IT infrastructure recently. However, case studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that it is not always cheaper to use cloud computing resources in lieu of in-house [...]

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