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First Desktop-to-Cloud Job Execution

Minor success! This past week we ran our first real-world experiment on EC2 using the under-development D2C tool. The desktop tool transformed VirtualBox 64bit Ubuntu images to AMIs and launched 4 EC2 instances. Manual intervention was required to start the actual program conducting the experiment, as “auto launch” is not yet an implemented feature of D2C.

The scientific program ran an experiment using gpaw, a library for solving systems of wave equations involving groups of atoms. Distribution of computation was handled by openmpi. The calculation ran for approximately 30 hours on 4 m1.large clusters (2 64bit cores, 8GB memory) for total cost of 43 USD. The amount spent was twice what was needed, as the cluster could make use of only 4 of the 8 cores (configuration error on my part).





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  1. Would be interesting to know on which hardware these experiments usually were run and how much this hardware costs.

    March 18, 2011 at 16:31 Reply

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